Mary "Mollie" SMITH, my great-grandmother, was born 16 Dec 1851 in Sampson County, NC, the youngest of 11 children born to Henry E. and Priscilla Carroll SMITH. In the same county and not far from where she was born, she married on 9 Nov 1871 Robert Williams HOWARD, son of Jacob Cooper and Elizabeth "Betsy" Williams HOWARD. Mollie and Robert raised a family of 3 daughters and 5 sons. For details of Mollie and Robert's family, click here.

This page sets forth several of the families in the ancestry of Mary Mollie SMITH. Many had deep roots in Sampson and its parent counties, Duplin and New Hanover.


Jesse CARROLL, SR, b abt 1749, possibly in Ireland, with stops in MD and VA before coming to NC. Some allege he was a son of William CARROLL of Granville County who died in 1781; however, my reading of William's 1781 will refutes that allegation, inasmuch as William refers to his son Jesse as "...not of age" at a time when my Jesse CARROLL was married and with 6 children, the oldest of whom was 11 years of age. Obviously, the son Jesse mentioned in William's 1781 will was a different person. I have found no further record of Jesse, the son named in William's will. Possibly he left home after his father died. He may have been old enough for service in the Revolutionary War, though I have not found any record. I did find a record of a Jesse CARROL (sic) who served in TN  in the War of 1812. It is my belief that Jesse CARROLL, SR., was a son of John CARROLL who possibly was a brother of the aforementioned William CARROLL of Granville County, NC. These early CARROLL families of Granville County remain under study.

Jesse CARROLL, SR., served as a private in the NC Militia during the Revolutionary War. Prior to the War he had married Mary Rachel GAVIN, b 1752 Duplin Co., d 19 Feb 1811 Sampson County. After some study, I have not been able to conclude with certainty the father of Mary Rachel, but I believe it very likely that he was Thomas GAVIN, b abt 1732 in Bertie Co. (See Thomas GAVIN for my reasons.)  Jesse CARROLL appears on the 1784 Sampson County tax list.  Jesse and Mary Rachel Gavin CARROLL had the following issue, all born in Duplin/Sampson County:

  1. John CARROLL, b 3 Sep 1770, m 1st Elizabeth HOLLINGSWORTH; m 2nd Ann HOLLINGSWORTH (Ann's sister).
  2. Thomas CARROLL, b 20 Jan 1772, m Mary RYALL or ROYAL.
  3. Pollie CARROLL, b 4 Jun 1773, m James HOLLINGSWORTH (brother of Elizabeth & Ann).
  4. Jesse CARROLL, JR, b 19 Oct 1774, d bef 18 May 1813, m Margaret "Peggy" MERRITT. Their issue:

    1. Mary "Polly" CARROLL, b abt 1802, d 25 May 1889, Attala Co, MS; m 18 Jan 1825 Henry HOLLINGSWORTH, s/o Zebulon HOLLINGSWORTH; their issue 6 sons & 2 daus.
    2. Lewis CARROLL, b abt 1809, d bef 16 Jul 1872 Sampson Co; m Catherine Eliza LAMB; their issue: Mary E. CARROLL, b abt 1836, d 12 Dec 1917 Duplin Co, NC; she married a CROOM who predeceased her.
    3. Priscilla CARROLL, b abt 1810, d 1851-1860 Sampson Co, m Henry E. SMITH

  5. Joseph CARROLL, b 23 Feb 1776, m Fnu CHESNUTT
  6. Rachel Pricilla CARROLL, b 12 Nov 1777, m Ira TUCKER


John Smith, born 1750 in Bertie Co., NC & His Descendants

John SMITH, b 1 Oct 1750 Bertie Co, NC, d 30 May 1830 Sampson Co; m Elizabeth LUCAS (?), b 1753 VA, d 1828 Sampson Co. He enlisted several times during the Revolutionary War. He served as Private, Infantry and Calvary, NC Militia. He was in the early battle at Moore's Creek Bridge, captured by the British in Georgia, but managed to escape from the Savannah Court House while awaiting transfer to a British ship. After making good his escape back to NC, he enlisted at least two more times and saw additional action in Bladen and Duplin Counties. John & Elizabeth SMITH had one son:

  1. William SMITH, b 1778, d 1808, m Frances HOLLINGSWORTH, b 1 Jul 1778, dau of Henry HOLLINGWORTH. William & Frances SMITH had the following issue:

    1. Henry Edward SMITH, b abt 1805 NC, d 1873-1877 Sampson Co; m abt 1828 Priscilla CARROLL, b abt 1810. Their issue, all born in Sampson Co, NC:
      1. John SMITH
      2. Edward C. SMITH
      3. Jesse T. SMITH
      4. Margaret A. SMITH
      5. Yancey P. SMITH
      6. Virginia SMITH
      7. Albert O. SMITH
      8. Lewis H. SMITH
      9. Amos J. SMITH
      10. Christopher C. SMITH
      11. Mary "Mollie" Priscilla SMITH, b 16 Dec 1851, d 23 June 1904; m 9 Nov 1871 Robert Williams HOWARD.

    2. William H. SMITH, b abt 1808, d aft 19 May 1871 when he made his will in Sampson County;. m bef 1830 Mary Belinda GAVIN, dau of Edward Charles & Charity Chestnut GAVIN . William & Mary had the following issue:

      1. John K. SMITH, b bef 1830; named as a minor in the will of his great-grandfather, John SMITH. [Note: This John may have been the son of Henry E. SMITH listed above, according to Mary Childress, family researcher. Under study.]
      2. Elizabeth SMITH, b abt 1832
      3. Mary SMITH, b abt 1834
      4. William F. SMITH, b abt 1835
      5. Sarah SMITH, b abt 1838
      6. Susan SMITH, b abt 1839
      7. Charles SMITH, b abt 1841
      8. E. H. SMITH, b abt 1841
      9. Charity SMITH, b abt 1843
      10. James K. SMITH, b abt 1844
      11. Julius R. SMITH, b abt 1847
      12. Edward E. SMITH, b abt  1850


Daniel Smith, born 1790 in Scotland & His Descendants in NC:

Daniel SMITH, was born about 1790 in North Knapdale, Argyleshire, Scotland. He immigrated to America as a young man and settled in Robeson County, North Carolina. Daniel's brother Malcolm SMITH was born in the same part of Scotland in 1796. This writer has not yet discovered exactly when the two brothers arrived in North America, but Daniel SMITH is first found in Cumberland County, NC in the 1820 federal census. It is possible that he arrived earlier and was living with another Smith family. Both Daniel and his brother, Malcolm, are later found in nearby Robeson County.

About 1810, Daniel SMITH married in Robeson County Catherine McGOUGAN who was born in May 1792 in North Knapdale, Argyleshire, Scotland. Daniel and Catherine had 5 sons and 5 daughters. Daniel died June 7, 1862 and Catherine died May 17, 1881. Both are buried in Lumber Bridge Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Robeson Co, NC, and their tombstones can be viewed there. Their issue all born in Robeson County:

  1. John SMITH, b 1822
  2. Neill SMITH, b 1829
  3. Joseph SMITH, b 1830
  4. Margaret SMITH, b 1832
  5. Elizabeth SMITH, b 1834
  6. Christian SMITH, b 1834
  7. Flora SMITH, b 1836


William Smith, (1785-after 1850) in Cumberland County, North Carolina

*Special Note:  This writer considers the descendants of Raiford SMITH, as depicted below, trustworthy.  From circumstantial evidence, he is presented here as a speculative son of a WILLIAM & Rebecca SMITH living in the western division of Cumberland County, North Carolina in 1850 . The census for that year lists William born about 1785, living with Rebecca, three sons and two daughters. The 1850 census lists Raiford SMITH and his family four pages away living in the same area of the county. Five of Raiford's children have given names identical to the five shown for William SMITH, b abt 1785..

  1. Raiford SMITH, (*speculative son of this William & Rebecca Smith) b 1814, d 1890, m 28 Dec 1835 Belinda SIMMS, b 1814 and d 1850-1855 in Cumberland Co, NC; their issue, all born in Cumberland County, NC:  
    1. Louisa SMITH, b abt 1837, m John S. BEARD
    2. William J. SMITH, b 17 May 1838 in NC; d Jun 1916 in Grays Creek, Cumberland Co, NC.
    3. Malcom SMITH, b abt 1840, d aft 1910, m Mary Ann HONEYCUTT, b 1847 NC, d 8 Jul 1928 in Grays Creek, Cumberland Co, NC; their issue, all born in n Hollow Tnshp, Bladen Co, NC:
      1. John Alton SMITH, b 7 Nov 1867 in Hollow Tnshp, Bladen Co, NC; d 13 Dec 1936 in Grays Creek, Cumberland Co, NC; m Lucy Jane MEMORY, b 1867 in Cumberland Co., d 5 Feb 1936 In Hope Mills, Cumberland County their issue, all born in Cumberland Co, NC:
        1. Lee S. SMITH, b abt 1897
        2. Claude C. SMITH, b abt 1899
        3. Vera Mae SMITH, b abt 1901
        4. John Troy SMITH, b 31 Jan 1907 in Grays Creek, Cumberland Co, NC; d 6 Jan 1964 in New York City, NY; m Berta Robena HOWARD b 19 Sep 1908 in Sampson Co, NC; d 01, Nov 1962 in Fayetteville, NC; their issue 3 sons.
        5. Alton E SMITH, b abt 1909
      2. Archie SMITH, b abt 1870
      3. Marthy J. SMITH, b abt 1872
      4. Duncan SMITH, b 13 Jun 1871, d 22 Jan 1931 in Parkton, Robeson Co, NC; m Lollie FAIRCLOTH.
      5. G. W. SMITH, b abt 1878
    4. Elizabeth SMITH, b abt 1842, m Fnu CARROLL
    5. John SMITH, b abt 1844
    6. Sarah SMITH, b abt 1848, m Fnu BEARD
    7. Archibald SMITH, b abt 1849 
    8. Belinda SMITH, b 1850

    9. Margaret SMITH, b 1851
    10. Isabel SMITH, b 1853, m Fnu SINGLETARY

    After the death of his fist wife about 1855, Raiford SMITH m Malinda EDGE, b abt 1814 in Cumberland County, NC. Their issue, all born in Cumberland County, NC:

    1. Raiford SMITH, Jr., b 6 Jnn 1857, d 31 Oct 1892, m Hattie A. TOLAR
    2. Daniel SMITH, b 1859.
  2. William J. SMITH, b 1820; (Note: 1850 census lists adjacent to William & Rebecca SMITH Wm J. SMITH, age 30, farmer, with Daniel SMITH, 28 and John H SMITH, 24, both as laborers.
  3. Daniel SMITH, b 1822, m Sarah McINNIS (spec)
  4. John H. SMITH, b 1826
  5. Sarah SMITH, b 1830
  6. Elizabeth "Etta" SMITH, b 1835

Smith Families to be completed; under construction



My studies of my HOLLINGSWORTH ancestry are far from complete. Henry HOLLINGSWORTH emigrated from Ireland as an indentured servant, arriving in 1683 at the small town of New Castle, DE, on the Delaware River. [While I lived in DE for a number of years, this nearby little town was a favorite place of mine to explore. The area was first settled by the Swedish in 1638 and later laid out as a hamlet named New Amstel by Peter Stuyvesant, after the Dutch ran off the Swedes in 1655. When war broke out in 1664 between Holland and England, an English fleet ran off the Dutch and claimed the territory for the British sovereign. The little town of New Amstel was renamed New Castle and became a busy port for emigrants from England, Ireland and Scotland.]  After a couple of years, Henry HOLLINGSWORTH completed his service and returned to Ireland where he married Lydia ATKINSON and had a son, Stephen. Shortly afterwards, Henry came back to America  with his young family, this time settling for a short time in Chester County, PA, before buying land in adjacent Cecil County, MD. Records seem to suggest that Henry's father--also named Henry--immigrated to New Castle County. The younger Henry died in 1720 in Cecil County, MD. 

Henry HOLLINGSWORTH, b 7 Apr 1658 Ireland, son of Henry, d 1720 Cecil Co., MD; m Lydia ATKINSON 22 Aug 1688 in Ireland. Their issue:

  1. Stephen HOLLINGSWORTH, b 1690 Ireland, d 1750 Duplin Co, NC; m 18 Feb 1715/16 New Castle Co, DE, Anne ROBINSON, b 1695 DE. Among their 7 children was:

    1. Henry HOLLINGSWORTH, b abt 1716 New Castle Co, DE; d bet 1790 & 1800 Sampson Co., NC; m Mary (MURRAH) MURRAY. Their issue:

      1. James HOLLINGSWORTH, b 1750, m Elizabeth "Betsy" MERRITT of Sampson Co.
      2. Henry HOLLINGSWORTH, b 1757 Duplin Co, NC, d 16 Nov 1840 in Sampson County; m Elizabeth GRIGGS, b 1760.   He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, serving as a private first in the NC Militia and later in the 1st NC Continental Line. He was in the Battle of Moore's Creek and later enlisted for additional service. Henry and Elizabeth had the following issue:

        1. Frances HOLLINGSWORTH, b 1 Jul 1778, d aft 1860, m William SMITH.
        2. Zebulon HOLLINGSWORTH, b 29 Jun 1781, m Mary WINTERS
        3. Leonard HOLLINGSWORTH, b 28 Jul 1783, m Catherine CARLTON
        4. Elizabeth HOLLINGSWORTH, b 5 Jun 1785, m Jacob HOLLINGSWORTH
        5. Guilford HOLLINGSWORTH, b 1 Jan 1793, m Rebecca CARLTON
        6. Nancy HOLLINGSWORTH, m Bennett W. BALLARD


Charles GAVIN, I, b 1670-1680, is known to have been granted land in Chowan County, NC, on the west side of the Chowan River in 1701. In 1722 that area became Bertie County. Records suggest  that he was in South Carolina shortly before 1700. Charles m Mary LNU and later died abt 1725. He and Mary had two sons:

  1. Charles GAVIN, II, b abt 1700, d 1764-1769 Duplin Co, m Mary MACHETT, d 13 May 1761 Duplin Co. Charles and Mary had the following issue:

    1. Samuel GAVIN, b abt 1728 Bertie Co, NC, d 1761-1762 Duplin Co, m 1st bef 1750 Unknown;  their issue, all believed b in Duplin Co:

      1. Samuel GAVIN, b abt 1750, d Mar 1808 Sampson Co, NC; m Sarah "Sally" KING, b 1760, d Feb 1821; their issue:

        1. Edward Charles GAVIN, b 1783, d 1850 at Cedar Hill, near Turkey, Sampson Co; m Charity CHESTNUTT, b 4 Apr 1784, d 10 Apr 1865 Cedar Hill;  dau of Jacob & Jane Scott CHESTNUTT; Issue of Charles & Charity GAVIN:
          1. Samuel James GAVIN, b 1811, d 16 May 1851; never married.
          2. Margaret Ann GAVIN, m Janes HINES
          3. Susan Matilda GAVIN, m James PIGFORD
          4. Mary Belinda GAVIN, b 6 Mar 1809, d 17 Dec 1895; m William H. SMITH, son of William & Frances Hollingsworth SMITH; had at least 5 daus & 6 sons, all born in Sampson Co

      2. Lewis GAVIN, b 1752, d aft 1800, living in Sampson Co
      3. Charles GAVIN, b abt 1754 d aft 1804, living in Sampson Co
        1. Samuel GAVIN, b 1777-1785, d 1824-1828; m Mary CHESTNUT; their issue:
        2. (Note: add'l info on this family available but not posted.)
          1. Samuel Lewis GAVIN, b 25 Nov 1817, d 26 Jun 1879 Warsaw, Duplin Co; m 29 Dec 1842 Adeline BOYETTE; their issue 6 sons & 3 daughters:
            1. William Averitt Gavin, b Dec 1843
            2. Samuel Henry Gavin, b Sep 1844
            3. John Ancram GAVIN, b Oct 1849 Duplin Co, d Jul 1920 Duplin Co, m 1st Margaret Catherine Wallace, b 1866, d 1898;  their issue:
              1. Margaret Wallace GAVIN, b 1898, d 1953
              John Ancram GAVIN m 2nd 1901-1906 Laura MOORE, b 1858. Their issue:
              1. Laura Moore Gavin, b 1907
            4. Martha Elizabeth Gavin, b c1849

            5. Alfred Franklin Gavin, b x1851

            6. Edward Lewis Gavin, b 1 Apr 1854

            7. Mary Adeline Gavin, b c1857

            8. David Lee Gavin, b 11 Nov 1861

            9. Sarah Louise Gavin, b c 1864

      Samuel GAVIN (c1728-c1762) m 2nd 22 Sep 1756 in Duplin County, NC, Patience CARROL. They had:

      1. John GAVIN, b 1751-1762, d aft 1790, living in Bladen Co, NC

    2. Charles GAVIN, JR, b abt 1730, m wife unknown; 13 Mar 1779 deed to David Murdock of Duplin Co, NC; . His issue, b in NC:

      1. Charles GAVIN, b abt 1752, living in Orangeburg Dist, SC, in 1790 census d 1842.
      2. Hugh GAVIN, b abt 1756, living in Randolph County in 1790 census.

    3. Thomas GAVIN, b abt 1732; m Mary Lnu; their issue (speculative) a dau Mary Rachel GAVIN, b 1752, d 19 Feb 1811 Sampson Co; m Jesse CARROLL, SR. Thomas GAVIN was listed in the Duplin County, NC Census in 1783 and moved bef 1790 to SC where he died in Barnwell in 1814. Some assert that Mary Rachel was a daughter of Samuel GAVIN; however, we know that she was living before and long after Samuel wrote his will in 1769. Samuel named his wife and four sons, but no mention was made of a daughter. Furthermore, Jesse & Mary Rachel CARROLL named their second son, Thomas, consistent with English/Welsh naming patterns. In June 2005 I received this response to a query I had posted about Mary Rachel GAVIN: "In the bible mom had when she died it says that Mary's father was Thomas who married a Mary. He was born in 1732. His father was Charles Gavin II and his mother was Mary Machett. Charles II was son of Charles Gavin I born in 167_."

  2. John GAVIN, b abt 1707; living in Bertie Co. 12 Aug 1739.






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